Resketch Notebooks

by Cory Skaaren
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Resketch Notebooks

Submission by

Cory Skaaren

Project Lead

Cory Skaaren / Creative Director


Brandon Sullivan, Photographer

Our mission is simple: rescue, reclaim, and utilize existing paper before it reaches the waste stream. By doing this, we rescue roughly 5-6 tons of paper annually. While recycling programs are beneficial, they involve energy-intensive processes. Paper fibers can undergo recycling approximately 5-7 times before they deteriorate and require retirement. Unfortunately, assessing the recycling history of paper fiber only becomes possible during the pulping stage, where quality and strength are determined. Our strategy focuses on rescuing paper before it enters the waste stream, enhancing our positive impact on the environment. By repurposing unused paper, we maximize its potential and minimize waste.

Featured Image of: Cory Skaaren

Cory Skaaren

Launching Resketch was the biggest challenge of my design career. It has been an amazing journey that could not have been successful without tremendous support and patience from countless friends, family, dedicated and brilliant Arizona production partners, suppliers, and so much more. Because of them, we can pay forward the legacy of this paper and say - In a Resketch notebook, every page tells a story. Now tell yours.

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