Cloud 9 Life Overview Animation by Jana Berrelleza

Cloud 9 Life Overview Animation


Cloud 9 Life Overview Animation


Small Giants


Cloud 9 Life

Submission by

Jana Berrelleza

Project Lead

Kaden Buchanan / Senior Visual Media Specialist


Catrina Moat, Senior Graphic Designer Brennan Gerle, Visual Media Manager Blake Hemmel, Voice Over

Cloud 9 Life is a health and wellness company focused on improving people’s quality of life through probiotic supplements. They encourage their consumers to live a healthy lifestyle and practice safe habits to, “Change your gut—change your life.”

This explainer video was produced to launch this new brand into the market in an informative, but memorable way. Through the Cloud 9 Life video, Small Giants detailed the complex science that makes Cloud 9 Life work in an easy-to-understand way. One of the major pieces that make their product unique is the 3-in-30 system, which we creatively emphasized throughout the video through eye-catching design. With the main goal being to inform potential consumers about Cloud 9 Life’s products, we made sure to balance the dense information with an entertaining story driven by a central character experiencing the journey

Prior to this project, Small Giants had not done an animation in this type of illustrative style, length of run-time, or character driven animation. Not only did this project expand our animation capabilities, but it also offered a new creative proposition for us to present to our clients. Throughout the animation, it was imperative that we keep every frame engaging through constant movement. At times, this is accomplished solely through camera movement, allowing us to be efficient and save our more intricate key-framing for sequences that required more impact. Overall, this project was an amazing platform for us to continue experimenting and pushing the boundaries with a creative animation, while also providing a video to our client that they could take pride in.