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Discover DPR


Small Giants

Submission by

Jana Berrelleza

Project Lead

Jana Berrelleza / Art Director


Kirsten Anderson, Lead Designer, (Sr. Graphic Designer) Catrina Moat, Illustrator, (Sr. Graphic Designer) Liz Otto, Copywriter, (Marketing Assistant) Ironwood Press, Printer

DPR Construction is a one-of-a kind general contractor, ranked in the Top 50 Best General Contractors in the United States, since 1997. Small Giants was contracted by DPR to develop a creative campaign and accompanying collateral to use at college recruiting events around the nation. This was our first project with DPR, which allowed us for more future opportunities to collaborate on creative projects like this one.

Small Giants developed a campaign centered around mountain climbing and adventure to entice college-age students to pursue a career that reaches new heights with DPR. By creating the tagline, “Discover DPR,” we helped them attract the adventure-seeking, self-motivated candidates they were looking for.

We worked closely alongside DPR’s marketing team to draft messaging concepts and graphics that incorporated DPR’s existing brand identity and displayed it in a way that would attract candidates who would fit well with their culture. We developed and illustrated the “Great Ascent” icons; along with, the hire, inspire, develop and grow concepts, which cycled throughout the campaign to convey DPR’s career development pathways.

This was a new approach to recruiting for our client due to previously having visuals that were very text-heavy with no overarching theme. Our campaign unified their message and made it relatable.

The Journal was the highlight piece from the campaign, given to each candidate. It uses uncoated, recycled paper and the cover is debossed with the word “discover.” The journal’s tactile quality reinforces DPR’s Point of View: dedication to building great things and the feeling the team members have about being part of the DPR culture, along with reinforcing the message of the company’s commitment to the environment. In addition, the journal’s graphics and text highlight key items that make DPR unique, and journal pages are interspersed with DPR’s core values, mission, and goals.