Yes, hope is alive and well. by Jeff Preston

Yes, hope is alive and well. Yes, hope is alive and well. Yes, hope is alive and well.


Yes, hope is alive and well.


In-house team


University of Phoenix

Submission by

Jeff Preston

Project Lead

Jeff Preston / VP Executive Creative Director


Jeff Preston, VP Creative Director Chad Garnes, Creative Director Claudia Provencio, Creative Director Doug Golden, Sr. Director of Multimedia Mike Jones, Sr. Creative Manager of Multimedia Niki Kizer, Manager, Postproduction Christine DeLuca, Sr. Film Producer Justin Porwoll, Sr. Copywriter Ruth Tse, Designer Josh Houda, Director of Photography Chris Duncan, Editor

This was an integrated campaign to bring awareness to the fact that University of Phoenix is offering up to $1 Million in scholarship opportunities per month, this September and October 2020. The target for this campaign was prospects, alumni, and out of attendance students. We had a strong offering but with all that has been going on in the world we really wanted to communicate that these scholarships were more then an incentive for school, they were a symbol of hope. By implementing this creative idea on the scholarship message, we were able to speak to a much larger audience and gain traction with our brand as a whole. This idea was well received by our target and beyond with 83% of scholarship applicants for September are current students or re-entry students.