Creative Flagstaff

by Nicole Norgren
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Creative Flagstaff

Submission by

Nicole Norgren

Project Lead

Amanda Harper / Director


Nicole Norgren, Senior Designer Lia Fondrisi, Marketing & Communications

Creative Flagstaff serves as Flagstaff’s arts, science, and culture agency, investing in the community through strategic partnerships, programming, and policy advocacy. After completing a strategic plan that positioned the organization going forward, they began a brand, identity, and website design process, all with the goal of elevating their identity as one of the Southwest’s most creative cities. Working with the challenges of balancing the alignment among arts, science, and culture; creating a flexible and easy-to-use end product; and building longevity into all the elements, we conducted a naming and brand architecture review, identity design, website development, brand activation strategy, and stakeholder education that resulted in a new name, logo, website, and brand activation strategy that can be implemented by their small but mighty staff.

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