Biomimicry Brainstorm Cards

by Michelle Fehler
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Biomimicry Brainstorm Cards


Self, for research at ASU


Nature Factor

Submission by

Michelle Fehler

Project Lead

Michelle Fehler / Clinical Assistant Professor


Want to engage with Biomimicry for your design work? These cards, inspired by the bio-sis leadership cards, illustrate how a select few organisms have adapted through the constraints of our planet and offer questions on how Visual Communication Designers can incorporate those into their daily work. They also include specific Life’s Principles (LPs), (cc) 2019 Biomimicry 3.8), which are a set of rules which are followed by ALL living things in order to thrive on planet earth.

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It has been super rewarding to be invited to the local design scene. I am excited about the growing interest in Biomimicry as a whole, and how many designers have a hunger for connecting with nature. Thank you for allowing me to share my work and for your support.

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