Diesel Exhaust Fluid Infographic

by Jennifer Flaks
featured image:Diesel Exhaust Fluid Infographic featured image two:Diesel Exhaust Fluid Infographic featured image three:Diesel Exhaust Fluid Infographic featured image four:Diesel Exhaust Fluid Infographic featured image five:Diesel Exhaust Fluid Infographic


Diesel Exhaust Fluid Infographic


Flaks Studio

Submission by

Jennifer Flaks

Project Lead

Jennifer Flaks / Designer


Transforming a simple text file into an engaging infographic is one of our favorite ways to flex our creativity. On this project for ACERTUS, we built an infographic that stood alone as a whole or could be broken down into six ready-to-post Facebook graphics. We stayed consistent with the client’s brand and color scheme while tailoring the messaging for social, so it was quick and informative, directing the audience's attention as they scrolled. With distinct and intuitive icons in the infographic(s), we quickly and directly conveyed industry-specific information to ACERTUS' audience of drivers.

Featured Image of: Jennifer Flaks

Jennifer Flaks

When I moved to Arizona in the spring of 2019, I didn’t know anyone. I was attending networking events hosted by business organizations like the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce to try to meet new clients, but I also wanted to connect with the local design community. I was introduced to Jenn Monroy, the president of AIGA AZ at the time, who made introductions to Kathy Morgan (Treasurer), Amy Robinson (former board member), and several others. Joining the AIGA AZ board, attending events like PHXDW and CreateAthon, and working with and hiring several Arizona-based designers, my experience over the past two years illustrates what a truly supportive creative community Arizona offers.

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