Red Rover Brand Identity

by Rani Sweis
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Red Rover Brand Identity




Red Rover

Submission by

Rani Sweis

Project Lead

Rani Sweis / Creative Director


Rani Sweis, Creative Director, Brand Strategy Kathy Morgan, Brand Strategy, Copywriting Hermes Mazali, Art Direction Emiliano Carbon, Art Direction

Empowered by a vision to put the best educators in every school every day, Red Rover sought us out to help them name and design the brand that would completely reimagine how school districts fill their absences with qualified substitutes.

Beyond their software solution, Red Rover’s founders have a deep commitment to improving education and delighting their customers. We were challenged to create an identity that celebrated school days, playfulness, and the essence of team collaboration while also communicating the quality and professionalism of their products and services.

The Red Rover name is adapted from the popular playground game and is a reflection of the brand’s values and value proposition. It’s symbolic of K12, and also evokes humanity and collaboration among its districts. In the traditional game, players link arms in a side-by-side line and invite others to “send someone on over.” The stronger the team, the more unbreakable the bond between players. Also inspired by the game, the Red Rover logo is an abstract, simple, and scalable icon that symbolizes an education professional who is open and ready to link arms with other professionals in their district.

Given its unique technology and service, we felt the Red Rover brand deserved an unmistakable visual system. We used a mix of primary colors to craft an elevated, yet familiar, color palette and paired it with the distinct “Super” typeface from Grilli Type. We then created a custom illustration style unique to Red Rover and implemented it across every single Red Rover application to create brand awareness and consistency.

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