PGRTSA Brand Identity

by Brent Gural
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PGRTSA Brand Identity

Submission by

Brent Gural

Project Lead

Brent Gural / Creative Designer


The Planned Giving Roundtable of Southern Arizona asked for a new logo. What they didn't know was that I couldn't just give them a new logo and call it done. I provided them with a full deep dive into their previous logo, colors, community perspective, future goals and objectives. During the process, I worked with the members of the board as they discussed everything I just mentioned, and I developed a logo, color palette, and style guide that I felt met their expectations and hoped they would feel it was more than what they could have imagined.

Featured Image of: Brent Gural

Brent Gural

This past year asked a lot of us to change. Change what we have always done, change what we call the normal routine, while some of us changed others stayed the same. I would also say that was reflected in the design community as well. What is my message? Change can be hard! Especially if you fight it, if you are a creative problem solver, then finding a way to creatively adapt to change can always help you and others succeed. My contribution was made in the nonprofit community for the past five-plus years and now I find myself in a new role and finding a new way to contribute to Arizona and its design community.

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