Vinaka Can Design

by Steffan Stewart
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Vinaka Can Design


Bridge PHX



Submission by

Steffan Stewart

Project Lead

Steffan Stewart / Colton Barry


Vinaka is a coconut vodka seltzer that's looking to import into the U.S.! They approached us to redesign their labels, as their existing ones were made in-house and painfully generic. We wanted to build a label that was eye-catching and immersive, and made you feel like you were on the beaches of Fiji - just as the drink tastes. We wanted Vinaka to feel like a vacation in a can.

We went with a colorful illustrative style and placed a coconut cup (as a direct call to the coconut vodka base) at the center of the design, which was not only more unique than their stock art coconut graphic, but was also a means of first-person perspective. We wanted the consumer to feel like they could reach into the illustration, grab the cup, and experience tranquility. We also built custom patterns based on common Fijian tribal patterns, to create fun, colorful borders for the can, also allowing us to extract individual elements for other brand use cases.

The team loved the work, and we're getting ready to build the labels for the remaining flavors, as well as a new logo and full brand identity system!

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