Red Sea Beauty | Brand Identity

by Banna Tesfay
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Red Sea Beauty | Brand Identity


Banna Tesfay


Salina Tewelde, Red Sea Beauty

Submission by

Banna Tesfay

Project Lead

Banna Tesfay / Graphic Designer


Red Sea Beauty is an organic skincare brand that sources ingredients directly from East Africa, attributed to the healing benefits of ingredients that grow near the Red Sea. Salina Tewelde reached out create a brand identity that could bring combine the best parts of Africa and the Red Sea with everyday skincare.

This brand identity mimics the overall theme of the brand- clean, organic and colorful. All the traits we conceptualized for the brand were brought into the identity, each section meticulously created for her, from the organic lettering in the type, to the brand tagline, down to the color palette chosen and named after tributing East African culture.

One of the most influential conversations I had with Salina in the early stages of conceptualizing this brand identity that made this project a priority for me was when we discussed small business owners, specifically Black business owners, and their lack of knowledge (or lack of access to knowledge) on how strong branding can make or break their first year of sales, but because she wasn't even sure who her demo was, it was almost impossible for her to build her business. When I worked on this identity, I was almost always having to find the line between the consumer experience and bringing a client's dream to fruition.

In just under four months, I successfully created a brand identity with 30 pages of content and creative implementation, and happy to say that Red Sea Beauty has been grant-backed and is green-lit to continue on their holiday launch of their first round of products.

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Banna Tesfay

While 2020 has been eventful to say the least, the importance and need for design became even more prevalent (despite budgets dwindling). I found myself making design decisions I never expected to have to make, or wanted to, in my career. I worked with clients I never expected to even know who I was, let alone personally reach out to me. For the first time, I was educating rather than soaking up knowledge. But what was most important, was that I pushed myself to remember that as design evolves, so must I. 2020, thank you for not only letting me find a seat at the table, but eat the whole damn meal. (But good riddance to you.)

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