Mighty Change

by Jenn Monroy
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Mighty Change



Submission by

Jenn Monroy

Project Lead

Jenn Monroy / Senior Art Director


Zack Potthoff, Copywriter John Zapf, Creative Director (Concepting phase) Bob Case, CCO Misty Wilson, Editor Matt Fischer, Editor

The local extension of United Way has set out to achieve a set of extremely audacious goals in areas such as health, education, housing, and workforce development over the next 5 years. We were tasked with naming and branding this initiative and implementing it into dozens of deliverables across the web, social, print, TV, radio, and even internal and external partner communications. These bold goals needed bold visuals, but they also needed to fall in line with national brand guidelines. We had a 5 location photo/videoshoot to add to the library. The end result has been a fun, versatile visual style to work with. "Being a force for Mighty Change" and all it entails has become the mantra for VSUW and the response they've received has been spectacular.

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