Preserve Arizona Conference Rebrand

by Alison King
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Preserve Arizona Conference Rebrand


Ligature LLC

Submission by

Alison King

Project Lead

Alison King / Creative Director


Alison King, Design, Illustration, Font Design and Photography Samual Ybarra, Design, Font Design Gerardine Vargas, Photography

Ligature LLC helped the Arizona State Historic Preservation Conference update their branding to attract a new generation of talent to the discipline of historic preservation by creating a memorable, consistent aesthetic vocabulary that could grow in familiarity year after year. We loved investigating all of the things we treasure about our great state of Arizona, and integrated symbols and colors into a cohesive system that would be easy for the conference organizers to update themselves and adapt across multiple platforms.

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Alison King

In a year where indoor activities were still somewhat limited, 2021 was a great year to get outdoors and explore Arizona's natural and manmade resources. I enjoyed learning how to use my new equipment and exploring the urban environment, as well as adding new video production skills to my creative arsenal.

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