GCU Out-of-Home Billboards

by Kristin Fisher
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GCU Out-of-Home Billboards

Submission by

Kristin Fisher

Project Lead

Kristin Fisher / Art Director


Chad Wilson, Executive Creative Director Ele Fisher, Creative Director Misha DSouza, Senior Brand Manager Jen Woods, Copywriter Kyle Dreher, Photo Illustrator

Grand Canyon University (GCU) wanted to refresh its series of out-of-home billboards to better align with the colorful and iconic Find Your Purpose billboards that highlight GCU’s welcoming community, vibrant campus and the multitude of opportunities available to students.

Electric, saturated colors and exciting composites were used to convey a sun-soaked campus brimming with the school spirit that GCU is known for.

Themes of innovation, purpose and diversity were woven into the images and copy to help viewers imagine a grounded and bright future through GCU.

The result is a series of 10 eye-catching billboards that brighten the busy roads on which they sit and leave commuters with a positive impression of GCU.

Featured Image of: Kristin Fisher

Kristin Fisher

Designing and art directing this past year (and a half) has been quite an adventure. The design community, like all the other businesses around the valley and world, had to adjust their marketing and messaging repeatedly. We continue to meet new challenges head-on while striving to make a positive impact on our communities and for our organizations. It is important to remember that no matter how many times things change or how uncertain things feel, we are resilient and will find a way through.

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