Now Or Never

by Robert Gallerani
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Now Or Never




Now Or Never

Submission by

Robert Gallerani

Project Lead

Robert Gallerani / Creative Director


Jason Shelby, Client Wade Parkins, Client Holly Gardner, Strategy Director Austin Baum, Digital Director Wiliam LeGoullon, Photographer Jim Irwin, Letterpress Finesse, Printer

Presenting Problem
This young retail store was moving from Tucson to a space in downtown Phoenix that is both larger and more prominent in the cityscape. They came to us looking to rework the overall design system for their brand in order to build momentum for their opening and strengthen their business model.

One of the hardest challenges in design is to improve an existing identity that isn’t so inadequate as to justify starting over, but which is underperforming. The modifications we made to the existing logo were game-changing, reinvigorating the visual identity without losing followers who had grown familiar with the look. To achieve this entailed a comprehensive strategy and identity project that encompassed web, social, print, retail, and outdoor signage, packaging, and the stationery system. A key consideration was cost-effective implementation to give the store a big impact with a modest budget. We designed packaging where the logo could be letterpressed in one color on inexpensive off-the-shelf blank bags to highlight the importance of the tactile quality of the store's merchandise. We designed oversized cling-film signage to take advantage of the "free" windows of the corner retail location to catch the eye of pedestrians in two directions and be seen by light rail riders passing by on the street.

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Robert Gallerani

In a year when the usual way of doing things was upended, our ability to pivot has kept clients afloat. We are intentionally small but take client projects from strategy to implementation, so when a retail e-commerce client needed a brand refresh that would enable them to implement the brand inexpensively, we designed a system that created a big impact without a big budget. Our contribution to Arizona has been flexibility and perseverance. We adapt to tackle whatever work will make our clients successful.

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