Rise & Dine at Canyon 49

by Jennifer Shibata
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Rise & Dine at Canyon 49


GCU Ad Agency


Canyon 49 Grill

Submission by

Jennifer Shibata

Project Lead

Jennifer Shibata / Project Lead


Chad Wilson, Executive Creative Director Ele Fisher, Creative Director Diana Cheek, Art Director Lyric Jackson, Student Project Assistant Tori Whitcomb, Student Graphic Designer Emily Lane, Student Graphic Designer Rachel Den Dulk, Student Graphic Designer Micah Fischer, Student Graphic Designer Jen Woods, Senior Copywriter Arianna Bell, Student Copywriter Noah Fischer, Student Copywriter Ireland Fleck, Student Copywriter

This is a summer creative campaign that our student graphic designers completed for Canyon 49 Grill. The goal was to generate student interest in the restaurant for an October promotional release. The client needed a greater student presence, especially during breakfast and lunchtime hours.

The solution that the students came up with was to create this exciting retro-themed campaign called Rise & Dine at Canyon 49. Its fun colors and vintage vibe help draw attention to the restaurant. A primary focus was the discounts that the students could receive by ordering breakfast or lunch items. A shuttle map was also provided to make it easier for students to understand how to get to and from Canyon 49. This shuttle map is connected to a QR code that can be easily updated if necessary, and students can scan to receive the map right on their phones. The following collateral pieces were created: poster, a-frame, digitals, shuttle map, GIF stickers, static and animated Instagram posts.

Featured Image of: Jennifer Shibata

Jennifer Shibata

I remember the enthusiasm and excitement I felt while attending my very first Phoenix Design Week as a student myself. How inspiring it was to be around so many creatives. Now, several years later, I am proud to be sharing the campaign that our students and team members have helped to create together. My greatest contribution to our design community has certainly been the time I’ve invested in these students. It is a joy to work with and participate in leading the upcoming design generation. The GCU Ad Agency appreciates the learning and networking experiences that Phoenix Design Week provides. We are excited to share the amazing work our students have accomplished and look forward to seeing and being inspired by the work in our design community.

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