Find Your More

by Jenn Monroy
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Find Your More





Submission by

Jenn Monroy

Project Lead

Jenn Monroy / Senior Art Director


Bob Case, Animator / CCO Zack Potthoff, Copywriter / Director Sasha Knock, Videographer / Editor John Zapf, Creative Director (Concepting Phase)

West-MEC offers an alternative to "regular" high school with programs that get you ready for the workforce right after graduation. This project evolved from an animated explainer video (a 1-2 person job) to a full-on production involving talent, sound design, extended crew, etc... What was essentially a "bootstrap" production turned into one of the coolest projects we produced all year. It's meant to appeal to HS-aged children and their parents and the client raved about how well this did the job. Add to that, the team got to experience all sorts of new roles (SrAD and Copywriter co-directed the spot on site), all while getting to utilize the stellar animation/illustration skills of the great Bob Case.

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